The Lundquist Institute is an independent non-profit research institute with more than 120 principal investigators and 400 translationally focused researchers in total, many of whom are identifying and solving problems they experience first-hand in clinics at the 570-bed teaching hospital that is the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

We have over 600 issued and pending patents and our innovations have led to ten start-up companies.

The Lundquist Institute obtains ~$55,000,000 each year in grant funding for:

  • Infection and Immunity

  • Genomics

  • Endocrinology

  • Cardiovascular and Renal Disease

  • Brain and Behavior

  • Health Services Outcomes Research

  • Cancer Research

  • COPD Rehabilitation Therapy 

The Lundquist Institute's technologies have helped to generate numerous global medical breakthroughs including:

  • The invention of the modern cholesterol test

  • The conception and development of the modern-day US paramedic model of emergency patient care

  • The first isolation and administration of a lung surfactant to treat premature babies

  • The FDA-approved drug Aldurazyme® for Mucopolysaccharidosis, marketed by BioMarin

  • The development of low-cost antiseptic eye drops that prevented blindness in thousands of newborns in third-world countries 

  • An FDA-approved drug to treat submental fullness (Kybella®, marketed by Allergan)

  • An FDA-approved drug for the treatment for chronic pain associated with sickle-cell anemia (Endari®, marketed by Emmaus Lifesciences)

  • An FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (Tepezza™, marketed by Horizon Therapeutics)

Our innovative technologies are being commercially developed by various companies; examples include:

  • Novadigm is developing the first vaccine candidate (Phase II completed) to provide protection against both bacterial and fungal infection such as MRSA and candida

  • QT Medical is developing revolutionary heart monitoring medical devices

  • SyneuRx has multiple therapeutics in clinical stage development for central nervous system disorders

We are actively seeking to build on our history of successful collaborations with companies both large and small and are particularly interested in Industry sponsored research/partnerships.

The Lundquist Institute has dozens of technologies available for partnering across therapeutic, medical device, software, and diagnostic tool spaces.

Please search our available technologies below and reach out to us to learn more, thank you.