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The Lundquist Institute

The Heat: Italy, ROK and the US response to coronavirus

CGTN America

The Lundquist Institute Makes it All Work from Home

The Lundquist Institute

Exclusive discussion on COVID-19 with Dr. Jaaquin Madrenas, MD, PhD, FCAHS

Shamiram Media

LA BioMed Becomes the Lundquist Institute

The Lundquist Institute

Rodney White MD Discusses Aortic Aneurysms

Rodney White MD

Ashraf Ibrahim PhD Discusses Hospital Infections

Ashraf Ibrahim PhD

Ronald Swerdloff MD Discusses Chemotherapy Side Effects

Ronald Swerdloff MD

James McKinnell MD Discusses Hospital Aquired Infections on KNX Radio

Dr. James McKinnell

Sickle Cell Disease Spotlight: Dr. Yutaka Niihara #LABioMed and Grateful Patient Juanita Gougis

LA BioMed

Rowan Chlebowski MD PhD #LABioMed Discusses Womens Health Initiative

Rowan Chlebowski MD PhD

Peter Liu MD PhD #LABioMed Discusses Sleep

Peter Liu MD PhD

Ruey-Kang Chang MD #LA BioMed Discusses SIDS Monitor

Ruey-Kang Chang MD

Charles Grob MD #LABioMed Discusses Autism Social Anxiety on American Health Journal

Charles Grob MD

Richard Casaburi MD PhD #LABioMed Discusses COPD on American Health Journal

Richard Casaburi MD PhD

Loren Miller MD #LABioMed Discusses Ebola on American Health Journal

Loren Miller MD

Michael Fleischman MD #LABioMed Discusses the Role of the Liver on American Health Journal

Michael Fleischman MD

Dr Yutaka Niihara #LABioMed Discusses Sickle Cell Research on American Health Journal

Dr Yutaka Niihara

Dr. Virender Rehan #LABioMed Discusses 3rd hand smoke on American Health Journal

Dr. Virender Rehan

Dr. Ruey Kang Chang #LABioMed Discusses Pulse Oximeter on American Health Journal

Dr. Ruey Kang Chang

Pregnant Women, Newborns Not Showing More Susceptibility To Coronavirus

CBS Los Angeles

Dr Mina Desai #LABioMed Discusses Obesity Research on American Health Journal

Dr Mina Desai

CT Calcium Scoring to Screen For Who Should Take Statins

Dr. Matthew Budoff

Dr. Matthew Budoff #LABioMed Discusses Heart Scan on American Health Journal

Dr. Matthew Budoff

Dr. Eric Daar #LABioMed Discusses HIV Rresearch on American Health Journal

Dr. Eric Daar

Dr. Jerome Rotter #LABioMed Discusses Personalized Medicine on American Health Journal

Dr. Jerome Rotter