Christine Dauphine, MD

Christine Dauphine, MD

Investigator, The Lundquist Institute
Vice Chair – Surgical Education, Department of Surgery
Associate Professor of Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine

Research Description

Dr. Dauphine’s research interest include breast cancer research and improving the technique for sentinel node biopsy. Her approach to sentinel node biopsy was to perform the injection of blue dye and radiocolloid just after induction of anesthesia and confirmation of correct endotracheal tube placement. This allows for the patient to avoid knowledge and pain associated with injection. Additionally, Dr. Dauphine’s investigated the role of using several published scoring systems to aid in decision-making in cases where the sentinel node procedure is positive. Her program now incorporates use of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Nomogram into practice in counseling patients on their options when a positive node was found on sentinel node biopsy. Dr. Dauphine is also developing an alternative to wire-localization in the marking and retrieving of non-palpable breast lesions requiring surgical excision. The use of radiofrequency allows for placement at least a week prior to the operation, avoids an extracorporeal component that is visible to the patient (i.e. wire sticking out of the skin), and allows for a determination of distance using the probe reader device.
Research Interests

Recent and/or Significant Publications

Barone J, Goldberger LE, Schroeder JS, Dauphine C. A multi-center prospective evaluation of a radiofrequency identification tag in the localization of non-palpable breast lesions. Abstract presented as Poster at annual meeting of American Society of Breast Surgeons, April 2016. Manuscript in progress.
Dauphine C, Reicher J, Reicher M, Gondusky C, Khalkhali I, Kim M. A Prospective Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Performance of Wireless Localization of Nonpalpable Breast Lesions Using Radiofrequency Identification Technology. Am J Roentgenol. 2015;204(6):W720-3.
Nguyen BM, Halprin C, Olimpiadi Y, Traum P, Yeh, JJ, Dauphine C. Core Needle Biopsy is a Safe and Accurate Initial Diagnostic Procedure for Suspected Lymphoma. Am J Surg. 2014; 208(6):1003-8.