CTSI Contact Email Phone numbers Brief Description
Clinical and Translation Science Institute (CTSI) Administration Christina Wang, MD wang@lundquist.org 310.222.2503 CTSI general information, CTSI research training/education programs, CTSI voucher applications, consultations to find collaborators, and career development.
Loren Miller, MD, MPH lgmiler@g.ucla.edu 310.222.5623
Raquel Gutierrez ctsinavigation@lundquist.org 310.222.2503
Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) Loritta Manai, RN ctsinavigation@lundquist.org 323.457.1912 Information on study design and setup, study Conduct, and study Close Out. Inquires on Nursing, Bionutrition, Study Budgets support. Coordinators Forum.
Rachelle Bross, PhD ctsinavigation@lundquist.org 310.974.9538
Raquel Gutierrez ctsinavigation@lundquist.org 310.222.2503
Biomedical Informatics  Ross Fleischman, MD Rfleischman@dhs.lacounty.gov  310.683.0312 Consultations, DHS Data Cohort Finding, Study Feasibility, ORCHID research training and access, REDCap research database set up and consultation.
Kabir Yadav, MDCM, MS, MSHS, FACEP Kabir@emedharbor.edu  310.222.3500
Liz Chen Informatics.CTSI@Lundquist.org 310.222.1841
Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Youngju Pak, PhD (primary contact) Ypak@Lundquist.org  310.222.1874 Grants development, Study design and power analysis, Statistical analysis plan. Consultations and education and training.
Xiuqing Guo, PhD (Genomic Statistics) Xguo@Lundquist.org  310.974.9316
Community Engagement and Research Program Loren Miller, MD, MPH lgmiler@g.ucla.edu 310.222.5623 Consultations with community members and faculty on research projects requiring community outreach and engagement
Integrating Special Populations (ISP) Lynne M Smith, MD smith@lundquist.org 310.222.2301 Consultation for translational research on children (Dr. Smith) and older adults (Dr. Hess).
Mailee Hess, MD Mhess@DHS.Lacounty.gov 424.306.6500
Regulatory Knowledge and Support Eli Ipp, MD ipp@lundquist.org 310.222.2503 Provides investigators with expert and proactive guidance and advice on regulatory issues to facilitate clinical and translational research in conformance to IRB policies, state laws, and federal regulations.