Yan Xiong, MD, PhD

Yan Xiong, MD, PhD

Investigator, The Lundquist Institute
Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Bacterial pathogenesis and antimicrobial resistance in endovascular infections

Research Description

Dr. Xiong is a world-recognized expert in bacteria pathogenesis, mechanism(s) of antibiotic resistance and animal models of infection, especially in endovascular infections. Her lab has devoted the last 15 years to studying the roles of bacteria key virulence factors (global regulons and structural genes), which contribute to the ability of this pathogen to cause persistent infections. Her long-term goal is to develop novel antimicrobial strategies for the prevention and therapy of serious infections caused by virulent microbes, including S. aureus.
Theme Groups
Research Interests


  • MD, 1985, Tongji Medical School, Wuhan, China
  • PhD, 1996, University of Nantes, School of Medicine, Nantes, France

Recent and/or Significant Publications

Li L, Abdelhady W, Donegan NP, et al. Role of Purine Biosynthesis in Persistent Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection. J Infect Dis. 2018;218(9):1367–1377. doi:10.1093/infdis/jiy340
Xiong YQ, Estellés A, Li L, et al. A Human Biofilm-Disrupting Monoclonal Antibody Potentiates Antibiotic Efficacy in Rodent Models of both Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii Infections. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017;61(10):e00904-17. Published 2017 Sep 22. doi:10.1128/AAC.00904-17
Bayer AS, Xiong YQ. Redeploying β-Lactams Against Staphylococcus aureus: Repurposing With a Purpose. J Infect Dis. 2017 Jan 1;215(1):11-13. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiw464. Epub 2016 Nov 14.
Abdelhady W, Bayer AS, Gonzales R, Li L, Xiong YQ. Telavancin Is Active against Experimental Aortic Valve Endocarditis Caused by Daptomycin- and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017;61(2):e01877-16. Published 2017 Jan 24. doi:10.1128/AAC.01877-16
Garcia-de-la-Maria C, Xiong YQ, Pericas JM, et al. Impact of High-Level Daptomycin Resistance in the Streptococcus mitis Group on Virulence and Survivability during Daptomycin Treatment in Experimental Infective Endocarditis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017;61(5):e02418-16. Published 2017 Apr 24. doi:10.1128/AAC.02418-16