Lundquist Institute Launches Little Einsteins Program

Jody Spillane, Sr. VP for Public Affairs, Spearheads New Program to Introduce Elementary School Students to Science

Little Einsteins

LOS ANGELES (February 24, 2022) — The Lundquist Institute today has launched an exciting new  program  that  introduces  elementary  public-school  students  to  science.  The  new  Institute initiative began offering its science-based curriculum to elementary school students in December of 2021 and will extend its workshops through June 2022 and then continue to offer the program every semester going forward. Senior Vice President for Public Affairs Jody Spillane conceived the  program’s  name  –  Little  Einsteins  –  as  well  as  the  educational  concept  behind  it  and  is spearheading the project.

“This new endeavor brings together young grammar school students with our PhD students who will  mentor  them,”  said  Spillane.  “The  concept  is  designed  to  expose  the  students  to  science through a curriculum created by our grad students. Each month, the elementary school students, ages 8-10, will learn about new aspects of science from PhD students working at the cutting edge of  discovery.  We  are  very  excited  about  this  program  since  its  now  extends  the  Institute’s educational  enterprise  from  elementary  school  through  Little  Einsteins  to  high  school  with  our annual Summer Fellows Program to our undergraduate internships to the graduate PhD program in translational research. I am very pleased with the breadth of the Institute’s educational outreach, and we hope to be a model for other scientific institutions.”

The program began in December with an introduction to the different fields of science and cell biology. In the second lesson, held in February, the focus was on human anatomy where the students learned about different organ systems in the human body and were able to work with a human torso model. The third module in March will cover human embryonic development and students will be able to view human model replicas. For the fourth module to be held in April, the focus will be on microbiology and how to use a microscope. The fifth lesson will take place in May and will be on chemistry. The sixth and final session to be held in June will provide an opportunity for the elementary school students will be able to meet with and ask questions of a Lundquist Institute scientist and that will be followed by a graduation ceremony.

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