Leaders from The Lundquist Institute (TLI) participated in Advocacy Day on Sept. 12, 2023, at the nation's capital as part of the Association of Independent Research Institutes (AIRI) annual conference in Washington, D.C. TLI leaders met with congressional staff regarding the importance of federal science research funding. (Pictured from left at the Capitol building: John Munz, Vice President for Human Resources; Kerstin Lynam, Chief Operating Officer; Mike Jones, Chief Financial Officer; Dr. David Meyer, President & CEO; Jody Spillane, Sr.

Investigator(s): Harry Rossiter, PhD

Dr. Rossiter’s research team at TLI has developed the next generation of the cardiopulmonary exercise test; the standard clinical test to investigate exercise intolerance. The new test, termed muscle-CPET or “mCPET,” will for the first time, integrate direct assessments of neuromuscular performance, with the existing technology that assesses the function of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems under the stress of exercise.

Investigator(s): Eiji Yoshihara, PhD

Lundquist Institute investigator Eiji Yoshihara, Ph.D., has received two grants for the research related to type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A three-year $1.45 Million research award from The Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) and a three-year total $300,000/institution, multi-institutional/multi-PI research grant from the JDRF (formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). For the TRDRP research, Dr. Yoshihara’s lab and research collaborator Dr.