Peninsula People “Spotlight on the Hill” – LA BioMed 10th Annual Legends & Webb Castor on LA BioMed “Details of the Heart”


LA BioMed

10th Annual Legends

The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center held their annual Legends event recognizing two distinctive clinicians and scientists performing at the cutting edge.  Harbor General Hospital Surgeon Ron Nelson was there, in the O.R. when the first heart transplant took place in Southern California in 1968.  Harbor-UCLA Endocrinologist Dave Heber was at the cutting edge of putting together nutrition in the center of discussions surrounding not just good health, but fighting heart disease and cancer.  Two of LA BioMed’s next generation of outstanding clinicians and scientists, Harry Rossiter, PhD, specializing in respiratory and clinical care physiology and medicine and Brad J. Spellberg, MD, specializing in the treatment of drug resistant bacteria infections were also honored as LA BioMed Principal Investigators….


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Webb Castor on LA BioMed

Details of the Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death om the United States, and too often we hear the sad reports of lives taken much too early as a result of heart attacks.  Many victims of heart disease are not even aware of their condition until they suffer a sometimes fatal heart attack.

I was one of those unaware heart disease victims.  During a routine checkup, my physician did an EKG and detected an anomaly.  He sent me directly to a cardiologist who advised me I had suffered a “silent” heart attack in the recent past, and my main coronary artery was 98% blocked.  Immediate bypass surgery was necessary, and it saved my life.

Enter LA BioMed!  Dr. Matt Budoff, Director of Cardiac CT in the Division of Cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and a Principal Investigator at LA BioMed, is at the forefront of the medical community’s efforts to develop early detection methods for cardiac disease.  With earlier knowledge and awareness of their condition, patients can work with their physicians to begin appropriate treatments or adopt lifestyle changes…..

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